Having a pet is a big responsibility. Here are a few home cleaning tips for pet owners to help keep the home safe and tidy for you and your furry friends.

Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners Include Training

An effective way to keep your home clean when you own a pet is to train for the behavior you want. Train your pets to stay off the furniture if that’s your preference. If you have dogs, teach them to wait by the door when they come inside so that you can wipe off their feet before they track dirt through the house.

Enzyme Cleaners

Even a housetrained pet will occasionally have an accident. Keep a special disinfectant with enzymes on hand that will get rid of both the stains and any odors. A proper pet cleaner will eliminate odors people can detect along with those only your pet can smell, which helps prevent repeat offenses. This is one of the most important cleaning tips for pet owners.

Change Air Filters

An air filter helps to keep allergens out of the air we breathe indoors, particularly in a home with pets. The filter catches any pet hair and dander so it’s not circulating within the air. Change your HVAC air filters on time to keep the air clean.

Lint Rollers

You may have used a lint roller to get the hair and dander off of your clothes and throw pillows, but these can also be used directly on your furniture. Roll the lint roller on upholstered furniture to remove pet hair.

Grooming is Part of Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Finally, keep your animal clean. You have a daily hygiene routine and your pet should have a regular grooming routine, too. While animals like cats do a fair amount of grooming on their own, you can help with the process. Brushing and de-shedding animals throughout each season will help to minimize the fur and hair around your home. Clipping or filing nails is also helpful to avoid rips and scratches on furniture, floors, and doors.

By following a few cleaning tips for your pet, you can keep your home looking and smelling great.

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