Reasons to Order a Home Inspection

Reasons to Order a Home Inspection

When you're buying a new home, a home inspection will give you important information about your purchase. A home inspection is an assessment of the property completed by a trained home inspector. He or she will evaluate the overall structure of the home, including...

6 Causes of Mold Growth in the Home

6 Causes of Mold Growth in the Home

Mold is a common concern for homeowners. It can contribute to allergy-like symptoms like coughing, a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and skin rashes. Mold also threatens the condition of your home. Let’s take a look at the common causes of mold growth in the home. Water...

The Risks of Radon in the Home

The Risks of Radon in the Home

The leading cause of lung cancer in the United States is cigarette smoking. Exposure to radon gas is the second leading cause of this serious disease. Unfortunately, radon is colorless and odorless, so there’s no way to know you’ve been exposed unless you get your...

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