Having a home inspected is important whether you are a buyer or a seller. It is beneficial to order a home inspection to identify any problems with the home that may otherwise be overlooked. Here are a few questions to ask when hiring a home inspector.

When Hiring a Home Inspector, Learn About Their Qualifications and Credentials

Repairs can be costly, especially if they are for critical components such as the foundation, roof, or plumbing lines running throughout the home. Make sure you hire a qualified professional home inspector who is trained to find problems with a property. You want a complete overview of the true condition of the house. Asking for their qualifications and credentials should be one of your first questions when deciding to work with a home inspector.

What is Their Experience or Background?

A certified home inspector has met the training and certification requirements of the program that he or she attended. Some inspectors have a background in real estate, construction, or home maintenance services that gives them additional knowledge about a home’s systems. Hire an inspector with experience in the industry. They will have the training necessary to recognize issues with the home.

Ask About What is Included in the Inspection

When talking to an inspector, ask about what is included in the inspection. Some inspectors do not inspect detached structures like tool sheds, barns, and other outbuildings, or features like swimming pools and hot tubs. Find out if your inspector offers mold or radon testing. If you’re buying a manufactured or mobile home, ask if he or she performs inspections on that type of home.

When Hiring a Home Inspector, Request a Sample Report

Ask your home inspector for a sample report. For your home inspection, you’ll want as much detail as possible. Learn what their report consists of, if you will get an electronic copy, and see if it is easy to read and understand.

Ask if You Can Walkthrough with the Inspector

A complete home walkthrough with the home inspector is beneficial to you, especially if they have discovered issues within the home. This helps you to see the problems and ask questions about the issues and the house in general. Your home inspector can provide expert knowledge about the severity of the problems and any safety concerns associated with them.

If you’re unable to walk through the home, ask your inspector if he or she can provide video or photographs to specifically highlight any major concerns.

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