Do you have an attic in your house that could be turned into a more usable space? Here are four ideas to consider if you decide to remodel your attic.

What it Takes to Remodel Your Attic

Depending on the state of your attic, it may take a sizable initial investment to remodel the space. The floor will probably need to reinforced and the roof must be structurally sound. You may have to add drywall and paint, and it will need to be properly ventilated and insulated to keep it comfortable. The finished project will need to be inspected to verify that it complies with building codes.

Guest Bedroom

One of the most common reasons to remodel an attic is to turn it into a guest bedroom. Increasing the number of bedrooms in the house brings up its value. Your family may be growing and you need extra rooms, or you might simply want a place for people to stay when visiting.

For a complete remodel of the space, add a full bathroom as well. If there’s not space for a closet, provide storage solutions like a rolling clothing rack, chest of drawers, or a free-standing wardrobe.

Art Studio

Artists need a dedicated space to work, so the attic is a perfect place to turn into an art studio. Since it is away from the rest of the house, you won’t be faced with constant distractions. This is a great option for small attics because a studio doesn’t require a lot of space.

Game Room

An attic game room gives kids a place to play away from the main living room. Smaller attics may only fit space for a TV and video game console, but larger ones can have a foosball table, ping pong table, and even a basketball hoop. When kids have too much energy, just send them up to the attic.

Remodel Your Attic Into a Home Office

In 2020, more people are working from home than ever before. Remodel your attic and turn it into a home office. In the attic, you can remove yourself from the rest of the house and focus. A home office doesn’t require much; just enough space to fit your desk and a power source.

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