If you’ve decided to sell your home, you probably have an extensive checklist of things to do. Talk with your real estate agent about the right time to order a pre-listing home inspection. A professional inspection report will give you helpful information and benefits as the seller of the property.

Understand the Condition of the Property

The most important reason to order an inspection before putting your house on the market is so you’ll know the true condition of the property. Once the house is under contract, the buyer will order an inspection. Your pre-listing inspection will prepare you for the findings of the buyer’s inspection. You’ll avoid surprises because you’ll already know of damages, safety concerns, and other issues with your home.

Determine Your Asking Price with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

With the information your home inspection provides, you can accurately price your property. Discuss the findings of the inspection with your real estate agent and he or she can help you settle on a fair asking price. You may or may not decide to make repairs based on the report’s findings, and you can take this into consideration when determining your price.

Increase Buyer’s Confidence

When you have a home inspection, you can share the report with your buyer. By ordering an assessment of the property and being transparent about the results, your buyer will see you as a more trustworthy seller. The pre-listing inspection shows that you care for the home and want to make the transaction as straightforward and easy as possible.

Shorten Negotiations with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Ordering an inspection as a seller will help shorten the negotiation process. You’ll know about problems and defects and can either make repairs in advance on your own terms or price the house accordingly. If you choose to make repairs, the pre-listing inspection gives time for you to do so before the home goes on the market. There’s less room for negotiation when you know the true value of your home, and the buyer is more likely to make a fair offer when they know the price was determined based on an inspection report detailing the condition of the home.

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