If you don’t already have a backyard fire pit, spring is a great time to install one. You can simply purchase an above-ground fire pit or build one in your yard. A fire pit will encourage your whole family to spend more time outside. However, it is important to practice fire pit safety so that no one gets hurt.

Where to Place the Fire Pit

Where you position your fire pit has an impact on its safety. It’s dangerous to put a firepit underneath a shelter or low-hanging tree branches. Be sure to place it out in the open and at least 10 feet away from any buildings. If the flames grow suddenly, you don’t want to accidentally catch anything on fire.

Types of Fire Pits

The most common type of backyard fire pit burns wood, but there are also propane options that you turn on and you’ll have a fire in no time. You could even have a gas line installed if you want to build a stationary gas fire pit.

You can also build a permanent wood-burning fire pit by digging a shallow pit in your yard, lining the bottom with gravel or sand, and stacking bricks, rocks, or cement pavers as walls to contain the flames.

Fire Pit Safety for Starting a Fire

The best wood to burn in the firepit is seasoned hardwood. Fresh, green wood and softwood like pine will smoke and spark, which aren’t safe or pleasant conditions.

It is dangerous to start a fire using gasoline or lighter fluid. Gather small sticks for kindling to get the fire started, or use a fire starting stick. Once the fire catches and gets going, place small to medium-sized logs on the fire. Don’t pile too much wood on your fire or it may get out of hand.

Putting Out the Fire

At the end of the night, make sure the fire is completely out before you go inside. If the embers are still burning, a gust of wind could reignite the fire. A stray spark could catch the yard on fire, which is how some wildfires start. Prevent this risk by making sure the embers are fully extinguished and cool before you leave the fire pit area.

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